Ketouba Amoudim

Ketouba Amoudim

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  • Handmade;
  • On parchment of very good quality;
  • The text is written by a professional Sofer Stam (scribe);
  • Size 350 mm × 490 mm;
  • Delivered without frame;
  • The form of the text can be changed according to your wishes;
  • Judaica Art Painting
  • The text appearing on the picture of presentation is only intended to give an overview of the Ketuba in its final state;

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Ketuba (Jewish marriage contract)


This Ketuba (Jewish marriage contract) is made on real quality parchment and is illustrated with Art Judaica painting

Ketuba is a marriage contract stipulating the duties of each spouse. This contract is not subject to any hilkhatic constraint (Jewish laws) and may differ depending on the city.

The text appearing in the presentation photo is only intended to give an overview of the Ketuba in its final state, but in reality this text will have to be provided so that our scribe inscribes the text required by the Rabanut of the city. married.

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