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מוצרי סת”ם

achat mezouzot

Quality & Recommendations, recommended by Rav Ron Chaya, focuses first and foremost on the quality of its products, while offering you the prices in force on the Israeli market.

The sofer stam, Daniel Malka, obtained his diploma as a scribe in the prestigious Michméret Stam institute.

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All products of Sofrut offers Tefillin, Mezuzot, Megillot, Pitum Haketoret as well as all the holy writings on parchment.

ארט יודאיקה

achat mezouzot

Judaica Art on Parchment also offers an Judaica Art section composed of a multitude of illustrated holy texts. All our products are made on real parchment of very good quality.

achat mezouzot

Judaica Art on Parchment

Whether you are looking for a ketouba (marriage contract), a birkat haBayit (blessing for the home), a birkat haEssek (blessing for the professional activity), an eshet ‘hail, or other holy texts, we will be happy to offer you our full range of  Judaica Art products.

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The reading of the Pitum HaKetoret, a mitzvah of the Torah The Pitum HaKetoret is a commandment of the Torah which consists in burning incense every day in the "Beit Hamikdash" (Temple of Jerusalem) Since the latter was destroyed, this commandment is no longer...

Video: Sewing parchments of the Megillat Esther

Here we are a few days before Purim. I just finished writing the text of the Esther Megillat. After checking the text by a Rav and by computer, there is only the last step which is to sew the different parchments between them. I wanted to share this experience, so I...

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